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Articles: Stress

Uncoiling: A Case Study of Myself

Four years ago, after thirty years as a student of the Feldenkrais Method® and other somatic disciplines, I became…   Continued...

Author: Judith Marcus    |    Filed under: Introduction  ATM Lessons  Balance and Falling  Chronic Pain  Creativity  Enriching Daily Life  Functional Integration  General Applications  Recovery  Stress  

Three Easy “Peaces” for Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief

Take All the Time You Need for Each Breath
The whole world may be hurried, worried and harried,…   Continued...

Author: Michael Krugman    |    Filed under: Stress  

Stress, Learning and the Feldenkrais Method®

Life is a bowl of cherries, if you are a bowl filled with cherries. Otherwise there are elements of…   Continued...

Author: Chris Elms, GCFP    |    Filed under: Introduction  Chronic Pain  Enriching Daily Life  General Applications  Recovery  Stress  

Stress at an Early Age

We have created and now live in a fast paced technological world. Our children are taught about computers as…   Continued...

Author: Linda Flanders    |    Filed under: Children  Stress  

Sleep Well

Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.

Golden slumbers kiss your eyes,
…   Continued...

Author: Pat Buchanan, PhD, ATC, PT, GCFT, Chair, Esther Thelen Research Committee    |    Filed under: Introduction  ATM Lessons  The Elder Citizen  Enriching Daily Life  General Applications  Stress  

Recognize, Relax and Recover

Stress is a fact of everyday living – it’s here to stay, and we need to learn to recognize…   Continued...

Author: Barbara Leverone    |    Filed under: Stress  

Our Bodily Stress Response and the Feldenkrais Method

Stress impacts the health of our body and mind—often in negative ways. The Feldenkrais Method offers a fun and…   Continued...

Author: Andrew Wright    |    Filed under: Stress  

NYPD Blue – Through with Stress

As a community service, I have been teaching Awareness Through Movement® lessons at several New York City precinct houses.…   Continued...

Author: Michael Krugman    |    Filed under: Stress  

Neuroplasticity and The Feldenkrais Method®

Your brain loves to learn. In fact it thrives on acquiring new skills such as playing a musical instrument,…   Continued...

Author: Eileen Bach-y-Rita, GCFP    |    Filed under: Creativity  The Elder Citizen  Enriching Daily Life  General Applications  The Performing Arts  Recovery  Stress  

Life is Problems: Stress Relief in a Stressed-Out Society

Life is, in essence, a series of problems. Our earliest problems are “Where’s food? I’m hungry” or “I’m tired…   Continued...

Author: Miriam Levenson    |    Filed under: ATM Lessons  Stress  

Ankle Flexibility Trumps Working Harder

“My friends have noticed I’m walking better.” Miriam mentioned this to me one week after her introduction to the…   Continued...

Author: Pamela Kihm, GCFP    |    Filed under: Introduction  ATM Lessons  Balance and Falling  Chronic Pain  The Elder Citizen  Enriching Daily Life  Flexibility  Functional Integration  General Applications  Recovery  Stress  Walking  

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