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Articles: Vision

Why Strain to See?

I had been seeing Elizabeth for about a year. She had had a history of eye maladies—iritis (inflammation), cataract,…   Continued...

Author: Kathy Yates    |    Filed under: Vision  

The Functioning of the Eyes and the Rest of Yourself

Paul came to me for lessons complaining of pain in his lower back. What I noticed early on is…   Continued...

Author: Carl Ginsburg    |    Filed under: Vision  

The Eyes Have It

Sabine Thompson does translation work on a freelance basis. She spends many hours in front of a word processor…   Continued...

Filed under: Vision  

Invite All of You to Participate

“You are more than eyes.” This was my response to a potential client who asked if his eyesight could…   Continued...

Author: Katherine Rogers    |    Filed under: Vision  

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