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Articles: Pilates

Positive Changes for Horse and Rider

I am a fifty-five year old equestrian. When I decided to get back into riding several years ago, I…   Continued...

Author: Marsha Ivany    |    Filed under: Pilates  

Learning a Second Movement Language

“You want me to what???” The instructor repeats, “Scoop in the abs, slide your ribs down the front of…   Continued...

Author: Darcia Dexter, GCFT    |    Filed under: Pilates  

Getting More Out of Pilates

Throughout my whole life, it seems as if I have been on a mission to improve myself. I started…   Continued...

Author: Peggy Z. Protz, GCFT    |    Filed under: Pilates  

Bringing the Feldenkrais Method into My Personal Pilates Practice

For eight years I have been studying and practicing Pilates mat work, learning the movements and the form, enjoying…   Continued...

Author: Anna Haltrecht, GCFT    |    Filed under: Pilates  

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