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Board Bulletin #11
February 21, 2014

About Board Bulletin. We have decided to communicate with members directly through a regular “Board Bulletin” that will be easily identified as coming from the FGNA Board of Directors. We welcome your comments.

From the FGNA Board of Directors

Notes from the Board’s Face-to-Face Meeting
(February 6-8, 2014)

We would like to thank Elinor Silverstein and her husband Steve for their generous hospitality, cooking and support during our recent in-person Board meeting in California. While each Board member paid for food out of their own pocket, Elinor and Steve took care of all shuttle, cooking and lodging responsibilities, thus saving the Guild money. In those great surroundings we were able to accomplish several items of business:

  • Bruce Day, our Executive Director, provided a comprehensive report of operations and organizational plans for the next few months. We conducted a probationary review of Bruce’s work performance and discussed and passed two related policies: Board - Executive Director Relationship and Executive Director Limitations. We also articulated the Executive Director’s reporting requirements to the Board.
  • We reviewed a draft report from the Task Force on Separating Graduation from Certification, and are in conversation with the Task Force. The Board thanks the Task Force for all their hard work and the comprehensive draft.
  • NATAB* joined us for an afternoon and evening. Together we discussed potential modifications to Training Protocols and reinforced our interaction on this essential process.
  • We conducted a content analysis of comments from the recent Member Survey. While the vast majority of member complaints received were related to the FGNA website, more than 50% of respondents were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the website. That said, we are still working on upgrading the website, especially for functionality, and expect the brand new site to be up and running within the next ninety days.
  • Board Members assumed Board portfolios as designated areas of responsibility (e.g. liaison with CORR, FEFNA, NATAB, IFF*, etc.) with the intention of balancing workload within the Board and expediting communication and reporting to and from the Board.
  • We will be presenting a proposal for a new membership category: “Honorary Lifetime Member” intended to be bestowed upon Dr. Feldenkrais’ original thirteen trainees. (This change in bylaws requires publication to FGNA members, with time allowed for general comment).

We also managed some quiet time and trail walks in Elinor’s neighborhood. After a great meeting, we all had weather-related challenges getting home, with the grand prize going to Lavinia, who took three days to get back to Asheville, North Carolina!

*Acronyms used
CORR: Council of Regional Representatives
FEFNA: Feldenkrais® Educational Foundation of North America
NATAB: North American Training Accreditation Board
IFF: International Feldenkrais Federation Educational Foundation of North America