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Board Bulletin #4
April 8, 2013

About Board Bulletin. We have decided to communicate with members directly through a regular “Board Bulletin” that will be easily identified as coming from the FGNA Board of Directors. We welcome your comments.

From the FGNA Board of Directors

Executive Director Search

The Board has formed a search committee. Members are: Chrish Kresge, Chair, Anita Noone, the committee’s project manager, Rob Black, Jane Johnston, Paul Rubin, and Bonnie Humiston. The committee will begin by creating a plan and timeline for the search. It will make regular reports to the Board. Thank you to all who volunteered to be on the committee.

Kay Sohl, the organizational consultant hired by the Board, recommended that we search for an Executive Director with strong strategic leadership skills. The ED should be someone who can easily engage and communicate with members, knows what is required to increase the public’s knowledge and awareness of the Feldenkrais Method®, and who has developed skills in project management for business systems change.

Members will be informed when the job description is posted.

Appointment of FEFNA President and Treasurer

We have appointed Arne Heayn to the position of President of FEFNA, the Feldenkrais® Educational Foundation of North America. Rich Goldsand has accepted the position of Treasurer of FEFNA and FGNA. Thank you, Arne and Rich.

Progress on Mailing Lists

Communication is vital to our community. The Board uses email to communicate directly with members on a regular basis. The Guild office sends out mailings to members on a regular schedule to keep them abreast of events happening in FGNA. The Regions also send out newsletters and other communications to its members to inform them of Regional events and news.

It is critical that we retain the ability to communicate with members and certified non-member practitioners. In the past, members were able to rent FGNA’s email lists to inform colleagues of upcoming trainings and advanced trainings and workshops and to promote new products such as audios, videos and books.

Continuing to rent member email addresses could put FGNA at risk of being unable to communicate with members, because bulk email providers such as Constant Contact strongly enforce anti-spam and privacy laws as a condition of use of their service. Consequently, the rental of member email addresses was suspended in February, 2012 and a detailed report released to some stakeholders in July, 2012. Since then, the Interim Executive Director, Andrea Wiener, has been cross-checking the rules that guide and limit us as well as checking with other organizations about their approaches. Rental of postal addresses is still available.

Our next step will be to develop an appropriate information sharing policy, based upon the needs of the Guild and best interests of its members, and then implement corresponding operational controls and procedures. This matter is a top priority for the Board and the Interim ED, and we will provide additional information in the near future.