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Board Bulletin #10
February 4, 2014

About Board Bulletin. We have decided to communicate with members directly through a regular “Board Bulletin” that will be easily identified as coming from the FGNA Board of Directors. We welcome your comments.

From the FGNA Board of Directors

In December and January, the Board focused its attention on three of the 5 areas of the FGNA Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan Goal: Maintain and improve financial and organizational stability of FGNA.

The Board worked with Bruce Day, our Executive Director, to review the needs of FGNA and looked at new ways to meet these needs. Bruce presented the budget for 2014 to the Board which was approved. With this budget, we feel confident that our financial health will improve this year.

Strategic Plan Goal: Engaging members.

Thirteen Thousand. How does one quantify the pleasure that thirteen thousand people experience? If thirteen thousand people were doing the Feldenkrais Method® all at the same time in the same place, how big a space would we need?And why thirteen thousand? That’s just one of the results from our recent survey to the membership. It is the number of people who experience the Feldenkrais Method in a typical week with members of FGNA. Further, how much space would we need to provide for seven thousand FI®s?

The Board sent the survey to all members in December. The response rate was the highest response rate that we have had in the last decade of surveys (35%). The Board is reviewing the initial results and has already shared some highlights with the Council of Regional Representatives (CORR). Members can look forward to seeing initial results of the survey in the next In Touch. Because so many members offered valuable comments in addition to the simple survey responses, the Board is reviewing and categorizing them. Once we have all the information in a concise form, we will share these details with our membership. Kevin Audleman, a member from Seattle, won the draw from among survey respondents to win the iPad2.

Strategic Plan Goal: Implementing Quality Improvements in certification, accreditation and Trainer application processes.

The Board of Directors and the North American Training Accreditation Board (NATAB) have been working on critical aspects of this area of the Strategic plan. Details are being prepared for in-depth reporting in the upcoming In Touch.

The Board is looking forward to its annual in-person retreat February 6-9th. We will have the opportunity to meet face to face and discuss in depth some of the vital issues that FGNA faces, as well as meeting with NATAB. It will also be our first retreat with Bruce Day.