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IFF Feldenkrais® Professional Competency Profile

We are pleased to announce that the first-ever IFF Feldenkrais Professional Competency Profile is finished!

This culminates an international, seven-year long social research project undertaken by the IFF to describe the spectrum of action of what it means to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Bringing Forth Into Action

The Profile reflects the feedback of the hundreds of practitioners who attended Competency workshops, worked with numerous drafts of the Profile, and wrote about the contents. There were hundreds of suggestions about how to rework the material, what to eliminate, and what to add.

The response to the Profile was consistently positive, even in the draft phase. The most surprising feedback, though, was about the workshops themselves.

Practitioners in ten countries expressed that they felt the workshops were necessary for working with the profile.

What happened in those workshops?

During the Competency workshops, practitioners are taught processes for self-assessment and peer-assessment. These processes involve:

  • self-reflection
  • writing about experiences
  • measuring experience/expertise on a numeric scale
  • discussion of one’s self-assessment
  • telling stories about one’s experiences
  • receiving/giving feedback based on those stories

Practitioners use the Profile to identify the knowledge and abilities that they used in each situation, as well as to identify knowledge and abilities that could have improved the experience or outcomes had those resources been accessible and/or within their repertoire.

Here are some comments on the Profile and the workshops:

  • "This stuff works!"
  • "The introductory workshop is necessary to bring it to life.“
  • "The most important thing is communication between peers. It starts a professional exchange, a place to share our experience in a learning environment. Sharing, advising and learning."
  • “I consider it a very helpful document for beginners to get a quicker insight.”
  • “For everybody, a “must””
  • “The whole I community should be transformed via this tool from being trainer -oriented to being self and community reliant.”
  • “As a self assessment tool, it really very powerful. I think it is very important to work in small groups of two or preferably three people. There is no development without a witness”
  • “I think it is modeled just the way an ATM is and that is great to me because anytime you can approach doing something in an ATM format, you will learn more effectively and experience more on a whole. By ATM format, I mean starting at the base level with initiation and the smallest pieces and slowly putting them together in different groupings, interchanging the same small pieces and slowly putting them together in other different groups to create a new category or set of options. Brilliant. This is one of the reasons I see the structure and organization of the Competency Profile as a super-effective tool and guide for one’s place in the method.”

Download the Profile PDF

You can download the .pdf version of the Competency Profile here (320KB).

Stay tuned for more information on Competency Workshops.

Thank you,

The FGNA Board of Directors