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Board Report on 2012 Strategic Plan*

By Dwight Pargee

We must understand our intention and how that intention is realized…If we know that clearly, then we have infinite means.”

- Moshe Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement

In February, the FGNA Board of Directors met with organizational planning consultant Lynn Youngbar as part of our winter in-person meeting. Our intention was to develop an organizational strategic plan for the next three years to guide and refine our actions. Using our FGNA Mission statement and Policy Ends as a starting point, we spent many hours in deep discussion about beginning to envision concrete ways to direct our resources to meet the needs of our membership. We also wanted to ensure that these directions of growth would reflect the shared values of FGNA:

FGNA Organizational Values

-Respect for Individuality
-Maintaining highest ethical and professional standards -Integrity
-Clear communication
-Support creativity, authenticity, flexibility, curiosity, and openness
-Value options

This is a working draft outline of our strategic plan. These ideas will be used in our budgetary planning processes and to guide staff.

We learned that the first step was to create a “Practical Vision.” This vision has characteristics that are provocative to draw the reader in and challenge us to look beyond any limitations we may feel. This vision incorporates the previous mandate of FGNA and provides focus for the organization’s next five years or longer. It is a statement of what we want our organization to become.

Our Practical Vision:
• We are a collaborative community of confident, competent practitioners
• We honor our elders in the community
• FGNA is recognized for an annual, profitable, successful conference for a well-connected and expanding community
• The public is aware of, understands and practices the Feldenkrais Method®
• FGNA accredits competency-based certification and training programs, which are in high demand and delivered in varied formats
• We are a sustainable service-oriented organization that continually cultivates and renews its leadership

Having developed a vision for the future of FGNA, we then looked through a window of two to three years and asked the question, what strategies can FGNA adopt that would facilitate moving in the directions of the Practical Vision? The following strategies took the Practical Vision statements and gave them specific directions. From the directions, a number of ideas or sub-strategies emerged.
What was not completely folded into these ideas were all the activities that the Guild is currently doing to move these strategies forward.

Strategies to move towards our vision:

1. Engaging members and involving them in a sustainable way
• Support practitioner development/competency
• Provide a “train the trainers” training for Revivify facilitators
• Increase member participation in FGNA
• Retain & strengthen connection to community elders
• FGNA – sponsored workshops developing organizational skills and leadership
• Plan conference three years in advance
• Communicate membership value to practitioners and trainees
• BOD listens and consults w/ different parts of the community- CORR, elders, etc. prior to developing policy
• Increase profile of FGNA among greater FM community

2. Support Members to develop Financially Sustainable Practices:
• Improve and develop practitioner opportunities
• FGNA provides online learning opportunities covering Competency Profile
• Establish regional low-fee clinics to provide ongoing mentoring and increased PR
• Support practitioners to develop successful practices
• Reduce barriers to practitioners staying in profession
• Training in marketing for members
• Staff member coordinates/trains volunteers in media, outreach, marketing
• Continue with finishing web-page restructuring

3. Launch a campaign to expand the public practice of the FM
• Increase public profile of FM in North America
• Increase public use of the FM in North America
• Hire media consultant to seed FM articles in major media
• Develop media strategy within next two years
• Create opportunities for conference CEU’s for allied health professions
• Develop an integrated social media plan

4. Implementing Quality Improvements in certification, accreditation and trainer application processes
• Create a competency-based certification process
• Elicit and create alternative training formats
• Development of successful/sustainable trainer and asst. trainer structure
• Establish an annual trainer academy

5. Maintain and improve financial and organizational stability of FGNA
• Continue to improve Member Service
• Maintain financial stability of FGNA
• Continue to improve the culture and contact of FGNA
• Encourage sustainable volunteerism

Our next step is to identify those activities that the Guild is already doing to further these strategies. After we see the whole picture, we will be able to come to the ground and develop a work plan to achieve these outcomes.

The Board is very excited by the possibilities that this process has shown us. We will use these concepts and strategies to empower our organization to act more efficiently and effectively.

*This report was originally printed in the Spring 2012 issue of In Touch.