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Board Bulletin #3
March 15, 2013

About Board Bulletin. We have decided to communicate with members directly through a regular “Board Bulletin” that will be easily identified as coming from the FGNA Board of Directors. We welcome your comments.

From the FGNA Board of Directors

Thank you to all members who took the time to comment on the last Board Bulletin. Each person has received a response directly from President Rob Black. We are pleased to announce that all bulletins are now on the FGNA website, and that readers can post comments directly onto the site. We thank staff for taking the time to create this capability for us.

The Board has received the organizational assessment report from Kay Sohl, the independent consultant. She assessed the strengths and limitations of our organization in relation to implementing the goals of the Strategic Plan developed by the Board of Directors in January 2012. We also asked her to make recommendations regarding the skills and experience required in the Executive Director (ED) position, and to outline priorities for the first six months of the new ED’s tenure. On March 11, the Board passed a motion to form an Executive Director Search Committee to be chaired by Chrish Kresge. It will include two other Board members and two members from the Feldenkrais® community. Please send any suggestions for possible members who might be willing to serve on the Search Committee to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

The Board welcomes recommendations for the position of Treasurer until March 23rd. Treasurer is a Board appointed position.A brief summary was in Bulletin #2. If you are that person or know someone who is, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

We are very pleased with the progress of planning for the Feldenkrais Method® Annual Conference, scheduled for August 28 - September 2, in San Mateo, California. Stay tuned for more updates from the Conference Program Committee via Conference News delivered to your inbox and on the website.

2013 FGNA Board of Directors
Rob Black, President/ Director 5
Chrish Kresge, Vice President/ Director 1
Arney Heayn, Director 2
Elinor Silverstein, Director 3
Dale Jensen, Secretary/ Director 4
Anita Noone, Director 6
Vita Kolodny, Canadian Director
Rich Goldsand, Appointed Director

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