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2014 International Feldenkrais® Week: May 2-11

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Explorations of Movement Audio CD (MP3) from Moshe’s 100th Birthday Celebration
To play: Click the track you want to listen to.  If you have any technical difficulties, try downloading instead and using your normal mp3 software to play each track.
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Track 1 - 0:26  (420 KB)
Track 2 - 2:08  (1.9 MB)
Track 3 - 7:31  (6.8 MB)
Track 4 - 4:59  (4.5 MB)
Track 5 - 8:17  (7.5 MB)
Track 6 - 11:13  (10.2 MB)
Track 7 - 2:16  (2 MB)
Track 8 - 1:00  (956 KB)
CD Label (2-up, PDF)

Photos of Moshe and the Amherst training courtesy of the IFF Archive of the Feldenkrais Method®