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Competency Matters

Learn more about how to create your Continuing Competence Plan (required for 2014 Certification renewal) here.

“A Continuing Competence Program involves engagement in self-reflection, the application of learning to practice, and subsequent evaluation. It is an active and dynamic process of continual learning which generates ongoing professional growth. It therefore involves much more than just accruing credits in an education program.” -New Zealand Psychologists Association

This process can be exciting. Transcend your fears. Go beyond what you think might be your limit. You started your Feldenkrais training because you were inspired to realize more of your potential. Continue the vision that you felt as you began your training. Jump in, make mistakes, have fun. Grow.

Thank you to members of the FGNA Board of Directors, for contributing to the resources that are included here. Thank you to the International Feldenkrais Federation for making the IFF Competency Profile and Workbook available.

Continuing Competency Resources

     Continuing Competence Program
     FGNA Policy E2.3.2.4 IFF Competency Profile 2008

Continuing Competency Tools

          Your Initial Scan
          Clarify Your Intentions Using the S.M.A.R.T principles.
          Continuing Competence Plan form
          IFF Competency Profile Workbook

Other resources

     Continuing Competence: Literature Review from a Feldenkrais Practitioner Perspective
     IN TOUCH articles about Continuing Competence
     Feldenkrais Method® Conference Recordings
     Amherst Training Program Video Rental