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Update on HPSO Professional Liability Insurance Rates - 2/6/2008

Get the HPSO application from the HPSO website

FGNA was recently informed of a rate increase for professional liability
insurance offered through HPSO to our members residing in California. Rates
have not been changed for members residing in other states.

Thank you to those members who brought this to our attention. (This
coincided with our receiving notification from the insurance company.)

HPSO’s underwriter received the approval from the California Insurance
Department to increase the insurance premium for this policy. According to
HPSO, California is a difficult state for litigiousness, and otherwise a
challenging environment for insurance, and the rates reflect these trends.

Applicants from California will need to use a different application form,
which is available on the HPSO website link above.

If you have questions, there is additional information on HPSO’s website, as
well as the FGNA website.

If you need further assistance, please email: