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Ruthy Alon
From Jerusalem, Israel, Ruthy Alon is a Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method. She studied for many years with the master himself and graduated from his first professional training in Tel Aviv (1967–1971).

Ruthy continues to teach and develop her own programs for restoring personal freedom of movement, applying Dr. Feldenkrais’s principles of somatic learning to new contexts and styles of movement. Through the teachers and trainers she has certified internationally, Ruthy’s programs have reached and touched the lives of many people throughout the world.
Stacy Barrows
Stacy Barrows is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and PMA Pilates Instructor. She is the creator of the Smartroller® tools and author of Smartroller Guide to Optimal Movement, 2nd ed. Stacy co-owns Century City Physical Therapy, Inc., and specializes in movement re-education to all ages.
Jessica Beck
Jessica Beck, Ph.D., is a Feldenkrais® practitioner, master teacher of Alba Emoting, Emotional Body® instructor, and a theatre director. Member of the UK Feldenkrais Guild.
Elizabeth Blades
Elizabeth Blades, DMA, MM, MS, BA is the co-author of Singing With Your Whole Self: A Singer's Guide to Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement. She is currently Adjunct Associate Professor of Music (Voice) at Shenandoah University, teaching courses in body awareness for musicians.
Laura Bond
Laura Bond, MFA, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Drama (UNCA), is a master instructor and teacher trainer in Emotional Body and Alba Emoting.
Candy Conino
Candy Conino is an Assistant Trainer who works with people of all stages and abilities, particularly those with complex pain disorders. She has a full-time practice in Chapel Hill, NC. Since 2007, her passion and focus has been on building the confidence and competence of Feldenkrais practitioners around the world.
John Franklin
John E. Franklin, DVM, GCFP retired from a career in veterinary medicine and graduated from the Santa Fe Feldenkrais Professional Training in 2003. He taught Awareness through Movement® lessons in massage schools and other venues, including the Orthopedic Center of Central Virginia and now offers Awareness through Movement and Functional Integration® lessons in Lynchburg, VA.
Alan Fraser
Alan Fraser (Hawaii '92) has written four books on piano technique and the Feldenkrais Method. He works with pianists and other musicians bringing the functionality of Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration lessons to the practical realities of performing, and he leads an active performing career in Europe and North America.
Donna Gianell
Donna Gianell experienced her first ballet class aged four. She has since added many different kinds of dance to her repertoire. Teaching and performing was her life even after suffering injuries from a hit-and-run accident. She was dancing in pain until she found the Feldenkrais Method in 1996. She’s taught Awareness Through Movement lessons for 16 years at an NYC YMCA, as well as at the 2013 New York Feldenkrais Method Conference. She teaches tango to people of all ages and abilities.
Barbara Jones
Barbara Jones, GCFP, holds an M.Ed. in Inclusive Education/ Special Needs. A Feldenkrais teacher for over 25 years, she is also a Special Needs Assessor and Consultant. Barbara lives in Cyprus where she is also a Monroe Institute Outreach Trainer and HeartMath Interventions Practitioner and Facilitator.

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Moti Nativ
Moti Nativ, a retired colonel from the I.D.F, is a Feldenkrais practitioner and master teacher of Bujinkan - Budo TaiJutsu. He served as past president of the Israeli Feldenkrais Guild. "My life-long research into movement brings me deeper into the roots of Dr. Feldenkrais' work. I reveal his development as a martial artist and show the links between this process and the development of the Feldenkrais Method. Moshe’s book On Better Judo provides evidence of Feldenkrais' transformational process from a Judo Master to becoming the founder of the Feldenkrais Method.”

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Sam Nelson
Samuel H. Nelson, Ph.D., GCFP is the co-author of Singing With Your Whole Self: A Singer's Guide to Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement. Sam has worked extensively with vocal and instrumental musicians to enhance and improve their technique, helping them to overcome injuries, perform more comfortably, and play with less effort.
Carla Oswald Reed
With a background of almost 50 years as a pediatric Physical Therapist, Carla Oswald Reed practices as a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and Anat Baniel Method of NeuroMovement Practitioner and Trainer. She has studied with Magda Gerber of Resources for Infant Educarers and with the Bobaths for the NeuroDevelopmental Treatment approach for cerebral palsy. Carla is mother to 4 and grandmother to 7.​
Barbara Young
Physical therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner, Barbara Young brings over 37 years of expertise in movement helping individuals from children with special needs to high-performers. Her approach is grounded in her keen kinesthetic understanding and informed by her study of early development as the foundation through which we grow to become thriving adults.


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