Presenter Workshop

Thursday, September 27

Hours: 10:00AM-12:30PM & 2:30-5:00PM

Carla Oswald Reed
Making Every Moment Count: Transforming the lives of children with special needs

Infants with special needs generate less variety of movement than typical babies, which limits their opportunities to learn to balance the weight of the head and pelvis in space or develop mature hip joints. This puts many children with cerebral palsy at risk to sublux or dislocate their hips as they grow. Carla’s workshop is a MUST for FPTP trainees and practitioners who work with children. You will experience Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) lessons that clarify the foundations of motor development, self-perception, and cognitive learning, and learn to guide parents to synchronize their interactions, toy choices, and adaptive seating and standing devices with the themes of their lessons.

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Barbara Young
The Ball, the Bowl, and the Slinky: How the head, pelvis, and spine work together to move us powerfully through life

Why is our skeleton designed the way it is? How do our muscles work to move us with grace, speed, and power? This workshop will bring clarity to these questions and more as we examine the three essential components needed for balance and fluid movement--the head, pelvis, and spine--and explore their integral relationship in early development. Complex material comes alive with simplicity and applications in everyday situations. Through experiential exercises, video, discussion, and Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of this intricate system and obstacles that hinder our growth toward thriving adulthood.

Curious? Read Barbara's article, "The Ball, the Bowl, and the Slinky," written for SenseAbility.

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Friday, September 28

Hours: 10:00AM-12:30PM & 2:30-5:00PM

Ruthy Alon
Solutions For Freedom From Movement Limitations

Ruthy Alon's most recent program has 12 themes, with 10 optional coordinating strategies to approach each one. In this intro to the Solutions program, Ruthy will guide experiential examples from each theme, as time will allow.

The Solutions program provides simple and short procedures for teaching people what they can do by themselves and for themselves to transform from being a suffering victim to a person with hope who has agency over their life, not by succumbing to old age as our culture implies.

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Elizabeth Blades

Sam Nelson
The Feldenkrais Method® & Music - Sharing Worlds

Our experienced team of a Feldenkrais® practitioner and a voice teacher has witnessed many magical moments resulting from collaboration. In this workshop, musicians will learn how to enhance their singing/playing; practitioners will improve how they work with musicians; music teachers will learn how to use the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education when working with their students.

We’ll discuss the back stories of our process with Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons, case histories, application of our Method with participants (singers, instrumentalists, and onlookers), how voice teachers can use ATM lessons to help their students and share how a Feldenkrais practitioner works with musicians. We will do pre- and post-lesson comparisons with vocalizing and playing.

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Moti Nativ
Practical Feldenkrais Method - Differentiation & Integration for Efficient Whole Body Action

We’ll turn into practice the principles of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education as Moshe wrote about when the “Method” did not yet formally exist, explaining principles of efficient and effortless action. You will experience meaningful yet unfamiliar movements, practical yet challenging actions, in a dynamic and safe way. Learn to elicit rapid recruitment of more efficient movement patterns using Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons in a safe and interactive situation. Explore the use of gravity, momentum, timing, and direction of movement to develop abilities such as the dynamic management of balance and counterbalance, and effective interaction with the environment. This workshop will be engaging, transformational and fun for all!

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Saturday, September 29

Hours: 10:00AM-12:30PM & 2:30-5:00PM
(unless otherwise noted)
Jessica Beck

Laura Bond
Emotional Transformations: Sensing & Shifting Emotional States

Emotions influence all aspects of our lives. Yet studies show most people can't clearly sense or accurately identify emotions. The Emotional Body is a somatic method for sensing emotions and physically transforming emotional states. Emotional effector patterns, discovered by scientists, are central to this method and offer the opportunity to understand the physiology of emotions through breathing, facial expressions, and postural explorations. Influenced by the teachings of Dr. Feldenkrais, Emotional Body has become a universal approach to physical emotion regulation accessible to all people. Learn about developing emotional fluency for yourself and recognizing them in your clients.

Learn more at

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Candy Conino
Deep Dive into the Power Pose Revival

The Power Pose is back! How you carry yourself DOES affect the way you think and feel. The initial research was sensational; the Power Pose mania spread, then the findings were attacked and labeled pseudoscience. In March 2018, psychologist Amy Cuddy and collaborators published a resounding rebuttal: 2 minutes of power posing primes us to feel confident, grounded, engaged and persistent. We will explore far beyond the 2-minute “Wonder Woman” basics, though. Discover the line of your spine, the shape of your breath, the set of your jaw, and the easy balance that will upgrade your personal superpower.

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Alan Fraser
The Transformative Power of the Feldenkrais Method for Musical Performance

(Half day: 10:00AM-12:30PM)

This workshop explores the practicalities of bringing a transformative practice including Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons to pianists and other musicians. A structural-functional approach can transform an injury into an opportunity for growth and mastery, a neurological disorder into a well-organized, skeletally intentional musical gesture, and disparate notes, produced by segmented movements, into flowing, expressive melodic waves of color that emanate from an unbroken kinematic chain within the performer’s self.

A lecture will be presented, followed by a demonstration lesson with a performer, followed by an ATM lesson designed around movements unique to instrumental performance. For musicians and practitioners interested in working with musicians. You are encouraged to bring an instrument!

Curious? Further explore this topic by reading Alan's recent article in our public newsletter, SenseAbility, "Body Awareness, Musical Performance, and Artistic Rejuvenation."

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Donna Gianell
The Art of Listening: Feldenkrais Method & the Tango

(Half day: 2:30PM-5:00PM)

Experience Tango dance as an Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lesson to improve your Listening, Reversibility, Balance, Coordination, Posture, Strength and Relationship.

Learn how magical and transforming walking forwards and backwards, swaying side-to-side, and rocking can be when done to Tango music. Experience moves without music and listen to yourself. Then feel the transformation of doing them with music and how subtly your body responds. With each step, you can strengthen posture, balance, alignment, coordination, and sense of self. Then you dance with a partner. Enjoy the awareness-expanding experience of feeling, creating, listening and responding to music and to a partner. Non-dancers welcome. And a great warm-up for a party!

Curious? Further explore this topic by reading Donna's recent article in our public newsletter, SenseAbility, "Tango: The Art of Listening, Feeling and Relationship."

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Sunday, September 30

Hours: 10:00AM-12:30PM

Stacy Barrows
The Art of Standing - Learn How to Stand the Test of Time

The habitual ways we stand say much about us. Is our static posture comfortable and fluid? Can we transition easily into movement whether we’re standing or sitting? Can we stand as long as we sometimes need to without pain? Many experts have tried to teach the best way to be in a good standing posture, but it seldom translates to an easy practice.

The art and science of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education can help us transform a rigid posture to find easy upright support. In this half-day seminar, you’ll cultivate movement awareness about the two most common static postures and discover new ways to avoid inefficiency and discomfort.

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John Franklin
A New Country for Seniors: Effortless Golf, Tennis, and other Sports

Discover an easier and a more satisfying way to do the things you love. Whether you want to hit a golf ball, swing a tennis racket, hike your favorite trail with greater ease, or drive a car more comfortably, Awareness through Movement (ATM) lessons can help you to create a more flexible strategy for adapting to life in a changing body. We will explore easier transitions from one movement to the next. Two simple standing lessons can give you greater freedom to rotate through the chest and to shift your weight effortlessly from one foot to another. Based on Opening the Swing and Engaging the Feet. (Total Body Golf by Jack Heggie)

Curious? Read the article John wrote on the subject for a recent issue of SenseAbility.

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Barbara Jones
A Taste of TransFormAction - developmental movement for parents, parents-to-be, & caregivers

Children model themselves on their parents, carrying the scars of their parents' limitations, injuries, and traumas. By turning this around and enabling parents to understand and experience the developing movement process of their children, not only does the pattern shift but parents heal themselves, therefore enriching the modeling experience of the child.

TransFormAction explores Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons from the perspective of Exploration, Creation and Evolution, increasing confidence, presence, self-assurance and graceful interaction with the world. Based on Barbara's 25 years of work with children and parents, it will be fun and enlightening for anyone who works with children.

Find out more about TransFormAction.

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